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Tie Dyeing – Back to the 60’s

Be your own fashion designer and join us for a few hours in a vibrant world of colour.

Tye Dyeing or Batik is an ancient technique from Indonesia for dyeing cloth. There are lots of different ways to create your own personalised design by masking off sections of the material with string before dying it in the various different colours we have available for you. You can dye your own T-Shirt or just about any other pale piece of material you have.

Please bring your own white T-Shirts with you or for just 2,50 €/ per person you can buy an organic cotton bag from the castle.


3,50 €/person, minimum 15 €/group


2-3 hours


5-30 people


from 6 years


Registration by the Program Office.

Organised by the staff-team, implemented by the group leader.