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The Castle‘s campsite may be small, but it‘s very special. It is divided into two main sites and a few smaller areas. As is well known, they used to build castles on hills – and ours is over 800 years old – which means that the space is somewhat limited.
You may have to pitch the tents a bit closer together than you would normally do for once: but where else can you camp directly below a keep? Because the site is relatively small, we give priority to Scout and Guide groups. Only Scout and Guides can make longer term bookings for the months of July and August, in other months the site is open to all.

Terms and Conditions

The price includes the following services: use of an area of the site for camping and activities; and use of the infrastructure, such as a modern wash-house (with shower/ toilets/ wash-hand-basins, larder, fridge, sinks etc), a fire-place with large campfire circle. We can also provide free use of tent-poles for yurts and Kohte-type tents (see pictures!), pioneering-type poles for building, and a suitable number of trestle tables and benches for the group size.

Programme Activities

All the programme activities can be booked under the conditions described. We also have fire altars which we can lend out if required. In exceptional circumstances the Castle‘s rooms may be used by campsite groups, but here the house guests have priority.



Normally campsite groups are self catering, but it is usually possible to make exceptions or to arrange a combination of self-catering and meals from the castle if this is discussed with us well in advance. A fully equipped self catering kitchen is available upon advance notice.

Renting Equipment

As well as the free equipment, the following can be rented from the castle (please check availability well before your stay.)

Large Yurt

per night

30,00 €


per night

15,00 €

Self catering kitchen

per night
service charge (one-off)

40,00 €
20,00 €

Gas used

per kilo

5,00 €


You will find two butchers and a small food store "Edeka RienEck" with a bakery right down the hill in the village centre. Large discounters are only 6 km away in Gemünden: Edeka, Aldi, Lidl as well as a drug store and several pharmacies. Orders for the local bakery and butcher can be placed at the Castle.

Prices Campsite

One night

€ 6,00

(Guides and Scouts WOSM and WAGGGS)

One night

€ 8,00