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Rieneck Town Trail

You probably know you’re in Rieneck, but have you explored the town yet? One way to get to know the town better is to set off in small groups and follow a trail of pictures we’ve taken for you. You won’t need a map or a compass but you will need sharp eyes to spot exactly where each picture was taken from and thus collect points for your team.

Despite having the official status of a town, Rieneck is actually quite a small place meaning children as young as 9 can be sent off in small groups without a leader. The castle is visible from almost everywhere in the town, meaning they’ll always be able to find their way home again, even if they don’t manage to find all the pictures.

The route is about 4.5 km long and intended for children or families, a long staircase however prevents prams or weelchairs from being able to complete the route.






1-2 hours




From 10 years


Registration by the Programme office.

Organised and implemented by the group leader.