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The technique of archery has been used by people for thousands of years and all over the world. Shooting the arrow at the target takes a lot of concentration and strength of mind. You need to focus on where you want your arrow to land and block out all other noises and distractions.

You will start with a safety briefing and an explanation of the equipment you will use and how you will use them safely and properly. After a short warm up you will get your chance to refine and develop your skills with a bow. One day you will be as good as Robin Hood or Legolas!

Archery options are available: This activity is a half day activity (3 hours, 27,-€ per Person). There are a few combinations which you can pick from.

  • Abseiling AND Archery (whole day): 43,-€ per Person
  • Abseiling OR Archery (3 Hours, half of the group Abseiling, the other half Archery - no changing!): 27,-€ per Person


The entire program is guided and supported by an experienced instructor. One instructor can serve up to 15 people.


27,- € per Person


3 hours


Minimum number of participants: 10


For people aged 10 and above


Registration by the Programme Office as early as possible, preferably together with the booking of the castle.
Organised and implemented by EP Extratouren gemeinnützige UG.