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Visit the Beekeeper

Near to Burgsinn keeps our beekeeper her hives. From the Market in Burgsinn it takes about 45 minutes walk through the countryside until you are surrounded by the quiet humming of bees and the smell of sweet honey.

You’ll learn a lot about the life of a bee, have the opportunity to see them close up as well as taste some fresh honey as it is spun out of the honey comb.

You can get to Burgsinn by bus (2.00 €) or by the train (2.20 € / 1.10 €). In good weather we recommend that you walk the 8km back to Rieneck giving you a further opportunity to enjoy the countryside.



April till the end of July


4.50 € per person, minimum 90 € per group


1 hour + hike to hives


5-30 people


from 8 years


For booking pleace contact the Programme Office.
Organised and implemented by a Nature guide of Naturpark Spessart

Important: The nature guides can only speak German, if you would like to book this activity you will need to find yourself somebody to help translate between your group and the guide.