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Cirular Walk: Rabental - Forest Path - Hohenroth

The walk begins by climbing gently halfway up the high ground south of Rieneck, then contours along the hillside and up a small ridge to Hohenroth. Just before Hohenroth is reached, the Forest Path (signposted as `Waldpfad´, see p 11) appears on the right. This is itself a circular walk of about 2 km/ 1.2 miles (not included in the distances given below). In Hohenroth itself the cafe can be visited by those in need of sustenance. From there it is another 1.5 km/ 1 mile to the castle. Those who wish a longer walk could go a) via the Fliesenbachtal to Hohenroth or b) detour from Hohenroth to Schaippach before returning to Rieneck.


half day (with forest path)


ca. 5.5 km / 3.5 miles [a) 9.5 km / 6 miles, b) ca. 8 km / 5 miles]


200 m / 657 ft [a) 250 m / 820 ft, b) 230 m / 755 ft] 200 m / 657 ft [a) 250 m / 820 ft, b) 230 m / 755 ft]