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Knights' Tournament

If you're staying in a castle, it's natural to spend some time on the theme of knights. And of course, a knights' tournament is a must! That's undoubtedly one reason why this is one of our most booked activities. At different bases in and around the castle, groups have to complete different activities, ranging from archery to building a tower, from bowling to sack fights. The activities require different skills: from athleticism to dexterity to the ability to estimate your own capabilities. This makes the tournament a very well-balanced activity. Our ideas are explained to the groups leaders, and the group decides what they want to do. Most of the ideas can be adapted for bad weather. The whole tournament is designed on a 'building block' principle, so it is possible to have many variations (for example, one or two disciplines a day, making props like shield or helmets beforehand, adding in your on ideas, etc).



1 €/person


varies according to group size


5 - 50 people


from 8 years


Registration by the Programme Office.
Organised and implemented by the group leader.