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Raft building – If I fall in, we all fall in!

With a map, compass and GPS devices you have to find your way through the forest. Along the way there are exciting tasks for you to complete and gain a team understanding. You will need to work together to answer the big question - what can we do to ensure that we achieve our goal?

At the end of the trail is a lake. Here is your chance for a little lunch and a hearty picnic that you have brought with you (Note: Lunch is included in the cost for those staying in the Castle, but not for those doing self catering on the campsites!) The day then continues with the finding of various materials from which a raft is to be built: ropes and boards, rain barrels and tyres, paddles and life jackets and everything else you need. Here it must be creatively designed and carefully planned. Together you build your raft and paddle with it in the lake! Whoever stays dry has only had half the amount of fun they could have!

Care and safety:
Throughout the day you are accompanied by experienced adventure instructors. The instructors are certified lifeguards ( DRSA silver or higher) . An instructor can serve up to 16 people.


April to October


40.00 € per person


full day


from 10 people


from 10 years


Registration by the Programme Office as early as possible, preferably together with the booking of the castle.
Organised and implemented by EP Extratouren gemeinnützige UG.

Our tip: Bring a pair of old shoes, a towel and clothes that can get wet.