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Abseiling-Rappelling Archery Beaver Tour Board games Visit the Beekeeper Campfire Canoe Rental Canoe Tour Castle Trail – Get to know the Castle! The Catapult Cocktail Party CSI - Crime Scene Investigation at the castle Disco – Let´s Party! Dough twists Hohenroth Forest Path GPS Trail: Multi-Cache for teens Henna Tattoos High Ropes Course Cirular Walk: Rabental - Forest Path - Hohenroth Hike: Sindersbacher Lake Hike: The Nun's Path to Schönau Abbey Knights' Tournament Medieval Cooking Night Hiking – Connect with the woods Plaster Masks Raft building – If I fall in, we all fall in! Rieneck Town Trail Soap Stone Necklaces Tafl – Viking Chess TEAM-Box Tie Dyeing – Back to the 60’s Tower Tour Water House – Science Museum Wellness-Oasis – A box full of well-being Wide Game - the treasure of Rieneck Wild and Free – Action games with the castle staff Create your own Juggling Balls Knights’ Helmets and Hair Garlands Workshop Build your own Wooden Sword Ytong – From a cloud of dust emerges a sculpture!