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Arriving by train

The castle is a twenty minute walk on an easy footpath from Rieneck station. If requested, we will send our tractor to collect your luggage from the station and bring it to the Castle. Deutsche Bahn has a new discount system. In the programme leaflet we've given the normal price of a single ticket for an adult (older than 14 years) and for a child (6 -14 years). The adult's price is always twice that of a child's. From these prices one can then work out the group price. The group price is usually subject to a discount of 50%. However if you book more than 7 days in advance, a 60% discount will be applied to the ticket price and if you book more than 14 days in advance, an incredible 70% discount will apply. However if tickets are booked in advance they will be inflexible and thus travel is limited to a specific train. It's important to travel off-peak (i.e. not in the rush hour, etc). Sometimes the 'Bayernticket', 'Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket' or the 'Wochenendticket' (all three offer unlimited travel on local trains for a flat price) are cheaper. At any rate, it is now usually cheaper to take the train than to hire a coach. More information on this discount from Deutsche Bahn and on luggage transfer from the Castle Office.

We've drawn a map, so that you can get from the station to the castle without any problems. Simply download, print and you'll have no trouble finding the most pleasant route to the castle.


This form allows you to use the Deutsche Bahn journey planner. Simply enter your departure station, the date, the time you wish to leave / arrive at, and click "Seek connection".

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Footpath from the train station to the Castle (Sketch)