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Castle Staff

Looking after the Castle and its grounds takes lots of work and care. Several full time staff members and young volunteers deal with the needs of the guests and the upkeep of the building and estate.

However, we still need extra hands to take care of our countless guests, above all during the summer months. Only then can we offer as much as we do to those staying in the house or on the campsite. Our voluntary staff play their part by working to prepare new activities, so that our guests find their stay at Castle Rieneck an unforgettable experience.

We are part of the European Scout Voluntary Programme, and therefore can offer Scouts and Guides from the European Union and certain other countries the chance to be part of our international staff during the summer. Their duties range from looking after the guests in the house or on the camp site, developing new activity programmes, maintaining of equipment, sometimes simply helping with the upkeep of the castle and its grounds. To join them, you must be a member of a recognised Scout or Guide Association, legally an adult, able to stay for up to two months, and most important of all, be enthusiastic about getting involved. Interested? Contact Scouter-in-Charge Pit Kallmeyer for further details.

Many volunteers work in the background to keep everything in the Castle running smoothly. Without their hard work many ideas could not have been put into practice:

  • Castle Rieneck Association
  • The VCP working group "Scout and Guide Castle Rieneck"
  • "Friends of Burg Rieneck"
  • European Scout Voluntary Programme
  • The Scout and Guide volunteers at the Castle
  • Those carrying out a voluntary service at Castle Rieneck