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Leisure and meetings in a medieval setting

Situated above the idyllic small town of Rieneck and surrounded by thick walls and battlements, Castle Rieneck is a unique centre for educational and leisure activities. Youth groups and associations can enjoy a modern but atmospheric location for national and even international meetings and conferences. The most impressive part of the castle is the 12th century tower with its historical and unique walled chapel. The tower affords a magnificient view over the wooded banks of the Spessart and Rhön districts.
Today, the medieval castle is the national centre for the German VCP Christian Scout and Guide movement.

Make Burg Rieneck your base

Did you ever think about organising an Explorer Belt expedition in Germany?

Explore the river valleys by canoe, wander through our enormous forests, discover medieval towns and conquer their castles, all while following in the footsteps of ancient trades and crafts.

Rieneck Castle lies in the heart of Germany surrounded by beautiful rivers and extensive forests. Not too far from the Frankfurt airport and with a train station on the Nuremberg - Hannover line.

Make Rieneck Castle your start or finish point and use us as a base for your team!

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