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VCP National Centre

Castle Rieneck is the national centre of the Association of Christian Guides and Scouts (VCP).  Here national and international encounters between Guides and Scouts take place read more


The castle’s 850-year old walls hide many secrets which await your discovery.  The thrilling history of the mediaeval castle and the timeless beauty of the unique trefoil-shaped wall chapel in the keep is a draw to young and old visitors alike, and invites you to experience and explore.  What was it like back then, when they decided to build a castle on this spot? read more


As you would expect of a Scout centre, Castle Rieneck is also a place where many volunteers lend a hand. learn more


“Try to leave the world a little better than you found it” – this was one of the most important principles of the last message Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout movement, left for his followers, in the first half of last century. Today we might formulate it: always use your resources so that, as far as possible, they will remain for future generations.  – A simple thought, but more relevant today than ever: sustainability.  readmore

The Town of Rieneck


Rieneck lies in the beautiful Sinn valley in the Main-Spessart region.  With 2,100 inhabitants, Rieneck is one of the smallest towns in Bavaria.  It is surrounded by woods, on the edge of the Spessart Forest.

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