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Town of Rieneck

Rieneck lies in the beautiful Sinn valley in the Main-Spessart region.  With 2,100 inhabitants, Rieneck is one of the smallest towns in Bavaria.  It is surrounded by woods, on the edge of the Spessart Forest.

Castle Rieneck is the town’s landmark, towering over its streets.

The local history museum tells you something about the customs of the place.  Rieneck’s traditional festivities include the Carnival procession on Shrove Tuesday, the “Musical Father’s Day” brass band festival on Ascension Sunday, the annual parish festival on the second weekend of August, and the rock festival, “Rock at the Tunnel” in the summer.

Rieneck is an ideal centre for walks, bike rides, or canoe trips in the surrounding countryside.  The nearby towns of Gemünden, Lohr, Karlstadt, and Würzburg are all well worth a visit.  Further information on the Lower Franconia region as well as various forays through the Spessart and the Rhön can be found in the programme section.