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The castle offers opportunities for the “Voluntary Social Year” (FSJ) and Federal Voluntary Service programmes.  We also offer Guides and Scouts from home and abroad the chance to work with us for one or more months in the summer and to get to know the area and its people.

In addition, three groups of volunteers put a lot into the work of Castle Rieneck.  Firstly, there are the trustees of the “Bildungs- und Erholungswerk Burg Rieneck e.V”, which consists of a five member board, and members’ assembly.  Then there are the “Castellans” of Castle Rieneck, a VCP steering group, and thirdly the “Friends of Castle Rieneck” (Freundes- und Fördererkreis Burg Rieneck e.V.).  All three groups are entirely run by volunteers.  They make sure that everything at the castle runs smoothly, that its core constituency, children and young people, are never forgotten, now or in future.  Without these committed volunteers, more than one good idea would never have been put into action.

There are also a number of people who shouldn’t be forgotten, who haven’t spent a long period working at the castle and who aren’t part of one of these groups, but who have still made their own contribution to the work and development of out national centre.