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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive my vehicle into the courtyard to load and unload?

As a rule, no. We don‘t want the medieval character of the castle spoiled for
our guests by a constant stream of traffic, so we only allow it in exceptional cases – usually when very large, heavy objects are delivered. Then, too, the vehicle may only be left in the courtyard for a short periods of time. We‘re happy to help you find a parking space.

I‘ve got ten crates of water, pop and beer in my car. Can I chill them somewhere - and have you got glasses?

We emphatically ask that our guests don‘t bring any drinks with them. We‘ve got a reasonably priced range in our Kiosk. Thes mall price rise allows us to pay for cooling them, putting them out, and washing the glasses afterwards!

I‘d like to do a bit of craft work with my group, scissors, paste, felt tips and so on. Definitely won‘t make a mess. That‘s OK, isn‘t it?

In theory, yes, we always thought. Sadly, experience has taught us that craft activities often damage the furnishings. Lumps of glue we can‘t get off, felt pen on the tables and the floor that won‘t scrub off...The damage has been so great that we have to insist that all that sort of thing is carried out in our workshops.

We want to have a party. Can we prepare a few things in the kitchen ourselves?

Sadly, Health and Safety law means that we are forbidden to allow guests in the kitchen. However, we do have a small pantry, which can be used for this purpose.

Can we have more dayrooms for our group?

We guarantee one room per group. We try to share out any that are left over fairly and practically among the guests. That‘s why it‘s important to register your wishes for rooms in advance, and to discuss this. That way, everyone gets a shot of the Knight‘s Hall, the disco, the Arched Cellar etc...

There‘s no bin in my room. Surely some mistake?

No. Because we have to sort rubbish by type, giving everyone their own bin would
mean filling the castle with them! But there are bins on every corridor and in, or
in front of, every day room, one for each type of rubbish (paper, Grüner Punkt/
Green Dot recyclable plastics, other). Just put bottles and cans beside them.

The rubbish bins are over flowing. What do I do with them?

Speak to one of the castle staff, and make an appointment for the following morning at 9:30. Bring all the rubbish containers, bottles and cans to the big bins in front of the castle. They will show you what should be put where. It‘s advisable to do this bit of‚ rubbish containment‘ regularly, but at any rate on the day of departure at the latest.

We‘re staying at the castle until after lunch, so do we really have to clear our rooms by ten?

Yes, as a rule. Quite simply because we have to get the rooms clean for the next
inhabitants. Please store your luggage in or near your day room, or perhaps put them straight into your vehicle. An exception is mostly possible -as long as we‘re told in advance! - for families with small children who can‘t do without a room of their own.

What have you got against me using my sleeping bag? You‘re Scouts, aren‘t you?

The point is, every guest must find a clean, comfortable bed, and for that reason
the mattress, pillow and duvet have to be covered by three-part bedlinen. There is no alternative. What you can do to save money is to bring your own, or you can hire a set from us. The main thing is, you use them!

As leader of a group, I‘d like a single en-suite room.

Of course, we want to accommodate you as comfortably as possible, and meet your wants. Unfortunately, we can guarantee neither a single room nor a shower and toilet. In the classic case of a school class with one male, one female teacher, however, there are almost automatically two single rooms.
However, as far as the outfitting of the rooms goes, while they practically all have
their own wash-hand-basin, only a few have toilets and showers. This type of accommodation can only be booked for the whole group (for a supplement), or none, as such rooms are all in the same part of the building. Of course, you could be lucky - your group might be put into just that part when we do the final allocation of rooms (about 3 days before you arrive). Unfortunately we can‘t promise that in advance.

We want to have a barbeque – do you have the equipment we need?

No problem. We have portable fire altars and tripod grills, which can be set up at
various locations on castle lands. We can order in the groceries you’ll need too (e.g. bangers, steaks, trout), though we need to know at least 24 hours before hand, and preferably sooner. – We do have one request: please return the equipment on the following day, completely clean!

Can the young people bring their mobiles and music equipment?

Sure, we live in a free country. All the same, permanent background noise from music and electronic equipment throughout the castle has become a serious problem. Therefore, we have to spell it out: please play music only at a considerate volume, that is just in your own rooms, and only so loud that it can’t be heard outside or disturb other people. And maybe this could inspire
you to enjoy a few days at the Castle having made the conscious choice to do
without technology while you’re there, i.e. leave it at home in the first place?

Rolling suitcases at a Scout Castle?

Admittedly we know the times when everyone had a big rucksack at home have
passed. Most parents only have the gigantic suitcase on wheels they used for the
last family holiday, and it’s often packed as if the children were going to be away for weeks. Sometimes the suitcases are bigger than the children....
Putting the fact that rolling suitcases aren’t exactly easy to pull up a steep, cobbled hill anyway, they will have to be carried (!) up the stairs of the castle to avoid damage to valuable wood and sandstone surfaces! We ask all group leaders to keep a special eye on this!!! – A (more lightly packed) rucksack is the ideal luggage for guests.

Can we take crockery out of the dining room?

Many places just ban this, and not without some reason. We do try to be more liberal, but there’s a big risk that crockery will get broken if it’s carried around and left carelessly, especially out of doors. Leaving a beer glass under a chair is always going to be a really stupid idea.... breakages guaranteed!
So we’d ask you only to take things that you really are going to use straightaway
with you, and to bring it back at once, not just when you leave. The kitchen team needs to wash it as soon as possible, so it can be used fort he next meal!

May we take food into our rooms?

Of course – if you’re sensible. This is the reason each room has a table. It’s just nasty when people put bottles of pop on the little shelves by the bed, because they get knocked over and then spread their stickiness all over the bedclothes and mattress. The same applies to crisps and chocolate; it’s just a joy when they are spread all over the bed rather than being eaten at table...

Do we have to bring slippers?

Actually, that’s a really good idea. If you could see the pounds and pounds of sand, soil and stones that modern trainers and outdoor shoes track into the castle, you’d realise why changing into slippers at the door would really help us. Especially as a lot of young people have the habit of keeping their shoes on if they lie down in bed for a nap.... So why not do what used to be taken for granted, and bring some slippers along?

It’s chucking it down outside – we’d love to play hockey in the hall...

Help! There’s a reason why hockey is only played on pitches or in a sport hall – and then with sports shoes. Our hall, unfortunately, is not a sport hall, and the carpet gets wrecked if you play running about games on it. So be brave, wait for the rain to stop. There’s an all-weather pitch near the Castle where you can play ball games.