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Am Anreisetag steht Ihnen Ihr Tagesraum in der Regel ab Ihrer Ankunft zur Verfügung, die Zimmer jedoch frühestens ab 13.00 Uhr. Dreiteilige Bettwäsche muss benutzt werden – diese kann mitgebracht oder bei uns ausgeliehen werden. Schlafsäcke sind nicht erlaubt.

Laying places

You don't need to lay places. However, please clear and wipe your table after meals. You will find a bucket with water and a sponge on the service trolley.


Thorough sorting of rubbish is essential if we — and you — are to avoid additional costs, and wasting recyclable material. We sort rubbish into: paper, plastic, other (in the bins on the corridors) as well as tins and glass. Please dispose of rubbish by type in the large bins in front of the castle gate before departure.

Saving energy

Please air the rooms regularly, and then shut the window! Please do not leave unnecessary lights on in the bed or day rooms or in the toilets. Please be especially careful to shut all windows before a prolonged absence (day trips!) as the castle is extremely exposed to sudden rain or storms.


There is a strict non-smoking policy in all rooms of the Castle! In particular, the consumption of recently partially legalized, previously banned smoking products (cannabis) is still generally NOT permitted by law in youth facilities such as Burg Rieneck! This applies to the entire castle grounds without exception!

Lights out/ consideration for others

We ask you to keep noise to a minimum during the period between 10:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. During this time the castle gates are locked from outside – however,
since these are emergency exits, the gates can always be opened from the inside.


Please clear your bedrooms by 10:00 am. We ask you to strip any bed linen belonging to us, and to place it in the laundry holder by the kiosk or main entrance. Please empty the waste bins in toilets and bedrooms into the ‘other’ bin, and make an appointment to put the contents of the corridor bins and any cans or bottles into the appropriate large bins in front of the castle gate. Please sweep the rooms and corridors. Brooms, brushes and shovels can be found on the corridors.
Please return any borrowed keys or parking permits to the office and settle the bill for your stay.